Nail Extension in Chandigarh – A Class Of Its Own 2019 Designs

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Nail Extension in Chandigarh – Our nails deserve a lot of care and attention as they add beauty to one’s hands. And to give them proper colour and texture, a lot of techniques have come in option for all the girls out there.

But, if you can not grow long nails, or if you have a problem of soft nails, then you do not have to worry about them either. You can get easy nail extensions on your fingers, so as to give your nails some colour, some pop, some texture and a lot of chic styles. And for this, Lazy chick is one of the best nail extension studios in Chandigarh where you can get your nails done.

What is Nail Extension – Chandigarh Salon

Nail extensions also known as fake nails, false nails, fashion nails and a lot more. You can also add embellishments to your nails extensions to give them a trendy look.

Thus, if you also want to add a good and beautiful look to your nails, then it is the right options for you to add an extension to your nails and make them look beautiful and gorge.

thus, If you want to get your nail extensions done the right way, then Lazy chick is one of the best nail extension Salon available in Chandigarh. We help you get the best techniques and methods for your nail extension.

The technique of nail extensions

The nail extensions also have some forms. There are basically two methods to get artificial nails such as tips and forms.

The tips are actually made by glueing some light plastic plates to the end of a natural nail. Whereas the forms are the sheets made of some shape. There is a sticky sheet which would be wrapped around your fingertip.

After this, an acrylic gel or hard gel will be applied. The tips applied to your nails are available in a lot of designs. They vary from gel or normal nail paints to other graphic designs such as metallic colours or other prints.

These nail extensions have various shapes and we can customize it to a lot of shapes.

Different Shapes of Nail Extensions

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Almond shaped
  • Coffin
  • Stiletto

Types of nail extensions

There are basically three types of nail extensions. Let us have a detailed look at all of them below:

Acrylic nail extensions

it is one of the most common types of nail extensions that girls go for. Acrylic is a type of material to make artificial nails.

For those who find hard to me to maintain their nails and do not get any time for it, this is the best technique that you can go for. It is good for even those who are engaged in a lot of physical labour. This method is quite durable and lasts for a long time.

Gel nail extensions

These are basically clear nails which are quite natural in looks and can be adorned as your choice.

They are made to settle with the help of ultraviolet light and thus, they do not take a long time to fix. They are very light in weight and are odourless unlike other kinds of nails.

The gel nail extensions are quite chosen, as they do not cause any damage to your nails. However, they are quite expensive than the acrylic ones and can be tough if you want to fix them at home on your own.

Fibreglass or silk extensions

An activator is sprayed on your nails and once they are done, a resin is used to keep your nails hardened. But, in comparison to the acrylic and gel extensions, the fibreglass nail extensions are quite weak and require maintenance after every two weeks.

This is the third and last kind of nail extensions. Fibreglass is actually a synthetic and artificial material which is quite stronger than silk. This is thus, make fibreglass nail extensions.

Nail extensions – Aftercare

Aftercare of your nail extensions is one of the important things to do by you. Once you have spent so much of your time applying for nail extensions, you would have to take a lot of care of them. If you neglect them, you may end up hurting and destroying your natural nails as well. Let us have a look at some tips that would help you take proper care of your nail extensions.

  • Do not use your nails as tools or any other instruments. Avoid picking or scratching anything with their help.
  • If you have this bad habit of biting your nails after a while, then this also needs to be stopped once you are done with applying for the nail extensions. This would also affect the shape and structure of your extensions and would also make them look ugly.
  • Also, make sure that you keep your hands well moisturized and moist if you have plugged some extensions on your nails. Make it a daily habit of you to apply hand cream or any other essential oil which can keep your hands and nails soft and moist.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails such as the detergents or the washing chemicals which may cause a lot of problems and it is thus always advised that you wear gloves whenever you are working like that.
  • You also need to get your nails touched-up and clipped from time to time. It is because natural nails would eventually grow with the course of time. So, you need to be regular with your extensions and should go to the salon frequently.

Why choose Lazychick for your nail extensions?

Nail extensions which have become so important in the modern trending world that every girl wants to have them done. And even if you are looking for the best nail extensions and that too at affordable prices. Then, Visit us at Lazychick where you can get the best services and with the best conditions.

We have some of the most skilled professionals who can get this done to you with the best possible way. So, if you are also looking to have the best nail extensions in Chandigarh, then Lazychick is the best nail extension studio for you wherein you get all that your nails desire.

We have all the kinds of provisions for your nails, whether you want the acrylic one or the gel one or the silk extensions, we would be serving you all. Be free to walk in at our studio anytime.