Best Nail Art Courses in Chandigarh – Beginner to Pro Training

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Does Nail art fascinate you? Are you in the search for a Nail art courses in Chandigarh?

With the ever-increasing fashion of adorning nails and applying various things of decoration on them, the craze of learning nail art and the nail extension is also increasing manifold.

People in large numbers go on to learn the nail art techniques and thus seek for the best nail art courses. Among all the nail art studios in the city, Lazychick is one of the best training centres that provides nail art course in the Tricity.

Nail art requires learning a lot of skills and techniques which is possible only if you take the guidance under a proper nail art studio.

This is the reason a lot of young people look for the best nail art course in Chandigarh. If you are facing this dilemma of choosing the best nail art centre, then you should try Lazychick.

Lazychick trainers are efficient and dedicated in their field.

They will make you familiar to the tits and bits of the course and assist you in how to do the entire process and satisfy the clients. Thus, try Lazychick and get to know them more and about their detailed step by step course curriculum.

Chandigarh nail art course – The learning process

As a nail art technician, you would learn a lot of things in nail art when you join our nail art course in your city  Chandigarh. There are also certain levels of nail art and nail extensions. You will learn all of them in the nail art course which included even the manicures and pedicures. Let us have a look at the breakup of the course:

  • You would first learn the general care regime of hands. You would here learn a lot of skin products. The creams and other products that can be applied to the hands, various disorders of the nail and exercises.
  • You would learn to do manicure and pedicure which is a good hand massage and also a good foot massage.
  • In the nail art course, you would learn to apply various kinds of nail polish, the tools required to embellish the nails, other products and the tools used in the nail art.
  • Other modules include applying gel nails, shellac type nails, filing nails and applying extensions to them.

Apart from this, there are also other minute and basic things that you would learn in the nail art courses Chandigarh. Lazychick would help you get the complete knowledge on all these things.

Different nail art techniques in the Course

There are a lot of kinds of nail art techniques which are put to in use for bettering the nails. Let us have a look at them:

Brush painting

This is the most usual method in which any sort of brush can be used to apply nail paint to your nails. Any type of brush, out of the many can be used to apply nail paint.

Sponge bobbing

In this type, a sponge is used to paint the nails. It makes a good impact on the nails. Once the base coat is applied, a sponge is used to put the effect of that on your nail. The sponge will produce a good impact on your nails.


Taping is also another method of applying nail paint. In this method, a base colour is applied and then pieces of tape are applied which are to be left on the nail paint.


In this method, an image is applied to your nail which is covered with nail paint. After that, a stamper is rolled on it.

Other than this, you could also go for airbrush method, stencil method, stickers and decals for your nail art.

Nail extensions setups in the Course

After nail art comes nail extensions which are generally used to increase the length of your nails. Those who fail to grow nails can use this technique. There are three types of nail extensions or nail tips listed below that you will learn while you are learning the course.


These are one of the cheapest of all nail extensions. A shiny coat of hard layer is formed above your nail which adds some length to your nail. But it may cause risk of nail fungus.


they are highly strong and durable. Gels can be applied like any other nail paint. They are tough to break. They are safer than acrylics.


in this, pieces of fibreglass are cut and made to fit in the nail extension. They are, however, more expensive than the two.

For an advanced course in nail extensions, the other methods are acrylic sculpting, extreme shapes, UV nail extensions and so on.

Tools you will learn in nail art Course

In the process of nail art and nail extension, there are certain tools involved which help your nails to be decorated. Let us have a look at the tools used in the process of nail art:

Fan brush

It is used for providing a quick and loose design to the nail.

Cleanup brush

It is used after manicure to ensure a clean finish.

Striping brush

It is used to create thin lines.


It is used to create a smooth base


They are used to create dots or for detail work


In nail art, tapes are majorly used as a stencil


They are used to shape up your nails and also file them well.


They are used to cut and trim the nails and also to smoothen the edges.

Benefits of doing a nail art course

We know that a lot of people engage themselves in the nail art course. But the most important thing is what are the advantages involved in doing this course. Let us have a look at a few of them:

Creative job

One of the greatest advantages of going for a nail art course is that it is a very creative job and you can enjoy a really good time by showcasing your talent. You can use all sorts of innovations to satisfy your clients.

Affordable programs

Nail art courses are also very affordable and do not cost a lot of money. Thus, you can easily go for such a course and make a career in this.

Booming industry

Since the industry of nail art is blooming and is very much in progress, you would benefit a lot in having this as your career option. The clients in this field are immense and the financial stability in this is also quite great.

Timings are flexible

The timings if you are a nail artist or technician are very flexible. You do not have to go for a time bound job as such. Thus, it is also very effective as it saves your time.

All these points thus make nail art very favourable as a career option for many of the people out there.

Why choose Lazychick for learning nail art course?

Some of the key features you can have a look

  • Professional team
  • Detailed Step by Step Course Practicals.
  • Affordable Course Fee.
  • 100% Satisfaction.

As mentioned above you can easily observe that Lazychick is one of the best makeup and nail art studios in Chandigarh.

We not only provide good services to our clients but also give you the best nail art training as well. We have a group of professional trainers who work very dedicatedly to ensure that you learn the art of nail art very easily and in the most perfect manner.

We have the most cost-effective and affordable training programs for our students which can easily fit to your budgets.

In our studio, you would learn all the techniques of nail art in the best way you can. Thus, if you are also looking forward to get the best nail-art course in Chandigarh, then what are you waiting for? Get yourselves enrolled in our batches and let your training begin. You can call us to get registered. You can also contact us via mail.