Best Nail Art Salons in Chandigarh – Studio & Spa

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Nail art in Chandigarh – As we all know beauty is what every woman crave for all the time.

But does the beauty of hair and Skin are the only thing that matters?

I suppose no and it might be a big “NO” from your end too. The trend of Nail art is one of the new beauty styles that women are going for. And if you are also searching for a perfect nail art studio in Chandigarh then Check out Lazychick “A Nail art Salon” serving in Chandigarh with all beauty services.

About the Salon – Lazychick is a Profession Nail art Studio that covers a lot of styles in the nail art field including Nail art Extension. You can also learn nail art from us. And you can create some cool designs like the video below.

The Founder of Lazychick is “Pooja Mankotia Mahajan”. She is a Fashion Freak. And she is the one who will give you all sorts of Nail art Tips, Nail art Designs, How to keep you Nail art for a longer time and many more such things. You can read more about her in the Link “About Pooja”.

Believe it or not but Nail art has become a Bomb among girls and ladies. Well-manicured nails, with plenty of different patterns, a variety of textured nail paints, shiny and matte studs on nails is a growing demand these days. We, at Lazychick, will provide you with the best Nail Art looks, covering all different styles of nail art.

Our motive is to give you pleasure by creating something new to your nails. Always keeping up to the new trends in the fashion industry, Lazychick has gained name and fame all around in Chandigarh.

So, what are you really thinking about? Come to us and get the best Nail art services in Chandigarh and that too at the perfectly reasonable prices.

What is Nail Art – Best Polish Salon in Chandigarh

Nail art is a creative way to decorate, Polish, Paint and embellish the nails. It’s an art style of work that can be applied to fingernails and toenails. Nail art informally means playing with nails making use of creativity. As in the Video Below

This art involves the crafting of nails which asks perfection to be in place and asks the crafter to create an astonishing piece every time. LazyChick answers with its creativity and perfection. We understand the details involved in nail art. From understanding the customer’s requirements to creating the quality piece, we at Lazychick will not disappoint you.

Lazychick the nail art Salon Chandigarh offers the finest nail art services as reviewed by the customers. Haven’t you tried it yet? Do not worry, we will serve you in the best way.

What is Nail Extension

Nail Extension is basically known as fake nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements or nail wrap and is placed over your original nails. They look as real as the original nails are with increases in length and great art style over it.

Spring Nail Trends to Get You Season-Ready!

From Lazychick.

6 Types of Nail Art Techniques we use in Parlour

As we all know that nail art is associated with the drawing or painting of the different types of patterns on nails. There are plenty of techniques that can jazz up your nails with the nail art decoration. Nail art has gained much popularity all around and is a part of vogue. Nail art techniques include the following:

  • Sponging
  • Taping
  • Painting
  • Drawing with brushes
  • Digital nail art

Let’s have a clearer look at the different nail art techniques:

Painting with a brush:

This technique is any other type of painting where one art person uses a variety of rushes which are most suitable according to the pattern. Synthetic bristles painting is mostly preferred. One can draw any choice of the template with the help of these brushes.

Though every work needs some amount of minimum practice and the skills in order to achieve perfection so as to give the perfect strokes. There are several types of brushes which are angled, flat, line, detail or dotting etc. Different types of brushes are used for making different patterns on the nails.

Sponge bobbing:

Spongebobbing is used for getting the gradient and the achromatic kind of designs on the nails. The finishing you will get after using the sponge bobbing would be like sprinkled and the bespattered patterns. Any kind of sponge can be used for sponge bobbing but one can make use of any type of it if one has professional experience in the same.

Usually, the base coat is applied and is left dry followed by sponging on the nails with different contrasting nail colour. Sponge it on the nails according to the design that you need to get. Acetone can be used on the nails for removing the extra edges.

Stamping gives a ravishing effect:

Stamper is used to give stylish effects to the nails

Remove any sort of polish and give your nails a shape using filer.

  • Apply the base coat to nails and pick up your choice of nail colour and apply it to your nails.
  • Use a scraper and remove extra nail polish before stamping.
  • Choose the nail plate and apply the nail colour onto it and using the stamper, apply it onto your nails.
  • To finish the stamping work, apply the clear base coat for giving a finer look to your nails and for locking the design.

Taping is not so tough:

Choose your own preferred base colour and apply it on the nails. The tapes are applied in those areas where one needs the same base colour. This gives an appealing and amazing look to the nails.

Digital nail art:

With the trend of nail art, digital nail art machines have come into existence. The procedure of it is automated and it takes very less time to get the desired nail art. To get your preferred nail art on your nails, you can even get the scanned designs or the pictures but from the digital cameras for getting it printed on the nails.

Airbrush nail art technique:

For drizzling the paint on nails, airbrush machines are mainly used. These can be combined with the stencils or the stickers to give the desired look to your nails. A base coat is initially applied on the nails followed by the stencils to be allocated on the nails and the airbrush machine is then used for the purpose of painting the desired designs.

Later the stencil is removed from the nails and the acetone is used for removing the excess nail paint which got split.

Nail Art – A Trend in the Modern Society Check Deals

Nail art has now become a trend in this modern world and has become a part of everybody’s daily lives as everyone wishes to have appealing nail arts on the nails whether it be simple or something unique. You can check out our monthly deals by calling us or you can visit our shop.

There are plenty of designs available from dip system to the acrylic to gel nails. Nail trends mainly sweated out to be simple but with the growing fashion industry, we have got many things to give an astounding look to the nails. Started with ombre, colours and glitters with bows on the nails- everyone is fascinated by the same.

Let’s Catch up

Lazychick is available for all of the women out there to add more beauty in yourself. We will create an astonishing piece based on your needs and also at the affordable price quotes.

From our designs to your preferred nail art style, we can create anything. Give us a chance to serve you well. We assure you that you will be pleased with our services. You can search for nail art salon near me to find us.