Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

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Your wedding day is probably the most special day and you cannot afford to look dull on that day. Bridal makeup is different from daily makeup. It makes you look astounding and the most beautiful that you have ever looked in your whole life.

Are you looking for the best bridal makeup in Chandigarh?
Then Lazychick being in the bridal makeup industry can help you with the solutions.

At Lazychick we explain you the entire process of bridal makeup and its different ways. So that you can take our suggestion and choose what is suits you.

Mrs Pooja Mankotia Mahajan Owns Lazychick. People know her for her clean and unique makeup styles.

She understands different skin styles and gives you makeup that suits your skin tone.

The bridal makeup is more intense and an escalated version of what you do on an everyday basis. It has to reflect and highlight each feature of yours in the best possible way.

Also, the bridal makeup has to be long lasting and should be able to stand for the rest of the day. Since you would be the ultimate eye candy for all and all eyes would be drooling on you. Your makeup has to be thus, intense and beautiful to give you the best look for the day.
And for that Lazychick is the one best bridal makeup studio in Chandigarh you can consider.

We aim to give you the best look for your wedding day. So you always fall for your makeup every time you have a look at your wedding photos.

2 Major Factors we Focus on for Bridal Makeup

There are a few things that your bridal makeup should be able to hold on if you want it to emerge as a success. Let us have a look at them:

Long lasting

As mentioned above, your makeup should be long-lasting. It is because it has to pass through a long event. The photographer would click your picture many times during the function. The melting makeup would make you look horrible.

So, we make sure that your makeup gives you a long-lasting stay even if you do not get touch-ups at regular intervals.


The makeup products should be waterproof to protect it from the heat and humidity. All your makeup essentials such as mascara, eyeliner, concealer should be water resistant. So they can match to your skin type and also do not wash away with the sweat.

Types of bridal makeup we offer

There a lot of types of bridal makeup and you can opt for any of the one from the following:

HD makeup

Since the cameras that capture the brides are HD then, why not the makeup that you apply.

HD makeup would hide all your fine lines and makes you look perfect. It also makes your face look minimal and thin. With less of products, your skin tone would look perfect and even.

It will give you a flawless look and avoid all the unnecessary oil and shine on your face. This technique is very useful to conceal even the strongest marks on your face.

Traditional Makeup

We avoid this technique – Traditional makeup makes use of all the things that you have already been using. You can use any cream, liquid or foundation to make it done.

We can apply the products with a makeup brush, sponge or just your fingers. We can use a brush for the thicker places and for smaller areas, fingers would do the best.

This makeup is the cheapest of all. But, after some time it may make your face look oily and may also cause skin problems. You may also look cakey and greasy after this makeup.

Airbrush bridal makeup

Airbrush makeup has become very popular lately among the modern brides. It gives a clean finish and flawless look that suits best for your complexion.

This is a very lightweight makeup technique. Apart from usual applicators such as brush, sponge or the fingers, Air gun machine does this work well.

The result is very matte finished as it gives a very thin line of makeup.

This makeup technique is best suited for those who have oily skin and is not at all advised for those with dry skin.

Mineral bridal makeup

In this kind of makeup, the use of natural makeup products more than the artificial ones. This makeup comprises a lot of minerals such as zinc, iron and so on.

To generate various shades these oxidized products play a great role. They are then crushed to powder. You can apply this with the help of sponges or brushes for applying better.

This makeup produces a natural and flawless effect. It also has zero side effects as they have no chemicals mixed and are free of them. It is thus, very healthy. The colour options are very limited in this bridal makeup. So the look that it creates on your face is also more of powdery than matte or oily.

Benefits of hiring a bridal makeup salon

Let us have a look at some of the advantages of having a bridal makeup artist:

Helps you stay stress-free

On your wedding day, you would love to remain stress-free rather than worrying about how to do your makeup.

We as a bridal makeup artist would help you do your makeup. You do not have to spend your time thinking about your makeup products and collecting them.

You would just have to get ready and be there to shine.

To look flawless

The bridal makeup artists know their art very well.

They may paint heavy coats of makeup on your face but still, they would make you look natural and beautiful. But, the chances of you doing it on your own and spoiling it are high.

Thus, hiring us would be of great help for you to get your look natural and flawless.

Use of products

We have given our service to many brides. We always choose the right products and the right brand as per your skin. Example – Lakme or Mac bridal makeup.

The knowledge of different brands and products help us understand the demand of the skin. Which makes the process simpler.


Professionalism is one of the major aspects in the makeup industry. And we always follow that!

It is always better to hire a bridal makeup artist as they would follow up per your needs.

Why choose us for Bridal Makeup Artist in Chandigarh?

Bridal makeup is as we mentioned is very important as it is for one of the special days of our life. We have covered a lot of things in this article to make our points clear. What to do and what not to.

When it comes to the best bridal makeup studio in Chandigarh Lazychick is the name. Here are a few points that on why hire us at your wedding.

  • Experienced Makeup Artists.
  • We offer bridal makeup deals.
  • Pre-makeup Session – (How we will be doing it on that day).
  • Affordable Price.
  • Choose from a lot of techniques that we use.
  • Check our previous work to get the feel of different makeups.

So If you are looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Chandigarh then, we would like to showcase you our work.

Just give us a call or contact us. We will assist you in your bridal makeup just as your skin type and then give you the best results. You will be happy working with us.