Best Makeup Courses in Chandigarh 2019 – A Step by Step Process

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Are you in search of the best makeup courses in Chandigarh? If the answer is yes, then we at Lazychick help you get the best makeup artist Course in Chandigarh.

The increasing trend of makeup in Woman makes them learn it and be efficient in the field. It is very important to learn the makeup Course from professional training institute. So If you want to make a future in this field then check some of the makeup courses available in Chandigarh.

Lazychick is one of the Makeup courses provider institute available in Chandigarh. We have Experienced trainers and professionals to train you. They train you from a beginner perspective and take you till the Advance level. We give Practical Classes and Focus on every Individual.

So give Lazychik a try to make your makeup career smooth and professional.

What do you learn in the makeup course?

The course or study of doing makeup is basically known as cosmetology. You can go either for a certificate course or a diploma course. Makeup classes help you learn a lot of things as listed below:

  • Blending various colors
  • Studying numerous skin tones
  • Learning various techniques of makeup application
  • Shaping the eyebrows
  • How to go on with lip colors and cheek blushes
  • Styling
  • Presenting the makeup styles

The professional will teach you all of the above-listed things in your makeup courses. Under the makeup course category also, there are a lot of topics which we will cover. Let us have a look at all the various kind of makeup and the techniques.

Beauty makeup classes

In this course, you will learn a variety of makeup styles for different events. You will get to learn about plenty of makeup products such as:

  • how to apply foundation
  • powder
  • blush
  • eyeshadow
  • mascara
  • eyeliner, lip pencil and lipstick.

These classes majorly focus on:

  • How to shape the faces.
  • Blend colours.
  • How to go on with numerous cosmetic trends.

Airbrushing makeup course

In this makeup course, you will learn how to use the airbrush machine to apply the face and other body parts make up. This course helps you to understand the makeup application techniques using airbrush machines. This course is majorly done after the basic makeup class.

Hairstyling course

After done with the basic beauty class, you would learn to do the hairstyling course. In this course, you will learn to style different kinds of hairstyles. You will also learn the use of various kinds of styling techniques such as

hair dryers,

curling tongs,


straighteners and so on. You would have to learn to match the different kinds of hairstyles as per the face of an individual.

Stage makeup course

You will learn a variety of makeup for a different kind of lighting on stages and theatres. This comes under the advanced form of makeup.

Special effects makeup course

In this kind of makeup, the students learn to apply makeup on various parts of the body. They learn to work with the prosthetics and the other kinds of makeup techniques on the face and body.

You will learn all of these techniques if you come to Lazychick – the best makeup providers in Chandigarh.

Various types of makeup

There are different types of makeup which you will learn when you undergo the makeup course such as:

  • Day makeup
  • Corporate makeup
  • Bridal makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Night makeup
  • Party makeup

Once you get enrolled in a makeup course, you will have to learn all these kinds of makeup.

Tools and products used while doing makeup

One uses a lot of products and tools to perform makeup. Let us have a look at the makeup products:

  • Face primer- used to prep the skin before makeup
  • Foundation- to even the skin colour
  • Concealer- to hide the skin blemishes and pores
  • Bronzer- to add brown shade to the face
  • Face powder- to set the entire base
  • Blush- to add colour to the cheeks
  • Highlight- to add shimmer to the cheek
  • Mascara- to add volume to the eyelashes
  • Eyeliner- to define the eyes
  • Contour- to highlight the cheekbones and forehead part
  • Eyebrow pencils- to define and shape up your eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow- to add some sort of colour to the eyelid.
  • Lipstick- to colour your lips
  • Setting spray- to keep your makeup intact all day

Similarly, there are many products available to do makeup. With the increase in products, the intensity of the makeup also increases. Lazychick- the makeup training centre in Chandigarh will teach you all the strategies.

Why should you go for the course of makeup?

The basic question that we all wish to get answered is what are the major benefits of going for a makeup course. Let us have a look at some of the major benefits of going for a makeup course:

Enhances your skills

Are you Passionate about makeup? Then pursuing a makeup course will enhance all your skills. Thus, your skills would be greatly refined.

Develops career

Makeup is trendy in this modern world. Learning makeup will give your makeup a career platform. A makeup course will offer you much exposure.

Updated with trends

Makeup course will keep you updated with all the latest trends. We will guide you on how to stay updated with the latest trends in this field. You can put all these things in your portfolio to get a good start.


You will enjoy a lot of learning this course as you will learn to use many products. The best enjoyment part is that we experiment on faces. You will also learn a lot of application techniques of makeup on various skin tones and textures.

Why choose Lazychick as your makeup course centre?

Learning makeup is something that requires a lot of skills and things. It will be a wastage if you are not getting ample knowledge at a makeup centre. If you are looking forward to learning the skill of makeup, then register with Lazychick.

We offer you the best makeup course Chandigarh. The trainers are experts in the makeup field and will teach you how to apply makeup to all kinds of skin and all kinds of occasions.

Thus, you can contact us anytime and we would be glad to help you. apart from rendering makeup coaching, we are also one of the best parlours in Chandigarh. You can take benefit of all the services that we offer to our customers. If you also want to get your makeup training right, then you can contact us anytime and we would be happy to help you.